Hire a Pro for Pool Deck Sealing & Pool Concrete Repair

We'll protect your outdoor surfaces in Lubbock, TX

You want your pool deck to be both beautiful and safe for the people who visit your property. Thankfully, Lubbock Concrete Coating has the solution. Based in Lubbock, TX, we offer pool deck sealing services to add a layer of protection and texture to your outdoor surface. This can help reduce the risk of slipping.

Don't put off your pool concrete repair. Get in touch with us to set up service.

3 benefits of pool deck sealing

Your pool deck goes through a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic, standing water and the outdoor elements. We recommend pool deck sealing because...

  1. It protects your pool deck from dents and chips.
  2. You can add texture to prevent slips and falls.
  3. You can include colorful flakes if desired.
You can depend on us to take care of any pool concrete repairs before we begin, so you'll have a beautiful surface underneath the protective coating. Schedule service with us by calling 806-701-3436 today.